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Staged Accidents

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Driving along the dual carriageway on your way home from work, you’re travelling at a reasonable speed, keeping your distance from the vehicle in front and following a route you have done so many times before, but tonight is going to be different, tonight you are going to be involved in a staged accident.

A car overtakes you and pulls in front of you, instead of speeding up and pulling away however, they start to gradually slow.  Becoming frustrated you look in your mirror for an opportunity to pull out and overtake, but by now other vehicles are passing you.

As you approach a slip road to the left one of the overtaking vehicles passes you and the car in front before cutting across their path very sharply to take the exit.  The car in front brakes hard, you brake too but there is nothing you can do and you can’t avoid rear ending the vehicle in front.  You have probably just been involved in a staged accident, but did you realise this?

How about another situation where you are waiting to join a roundabout?  Visibility is good and when the vehicle in front moves off you see that you should have no problem entering the roundabout too.  Just before you cross the give way lines you make a final check to the right and everything is still clear, you look back in the direction you are heading and in horror realise that the car in front has stopped dead for no apparent reason.  You brake, but are far too close to avoid a collision.  The other driver quickly gets out and says aggressively to you “Didn’t you see the motorcycle that came round the roundabout very quickly?”  Well did you?  Of course you didn’t, because they didn’t exist and once again you have been involved in a staged accident.

In both of these cases it would appear that you are totally to blame as you simply cannot go round driving into the back of other cars in most circumstances.  Your insurers will receive a claim for the damage to the other vehicle, a claim for personal injury to the other driver and probably passengers (some of whom might not have even been in the vehicle), along with a claim for hiring a replacement vehicle.  In total if the claim is successful this will net the fraudsters many thousands of pounds, but will your insurer realise what has happened?

Insurers are generally very alert to fraudulent and staged accidents and will frequently instruct a firm of experienced motor accident investigators like Geoden Agency to carry out staged accident investigations to try and uncover the truth, potentially allowing a claim to be rejected and possibly even leading to criminal proceedings against the gang of fraudsters.

If you think you have been involved in a staged accident and your insurers don’t seem to be taking notice of your concerns, then Geoden Agency might be able to assist you.  There is some motor claims advice on the Geoden Agency website and they will be happy to carry out further investigations in the hope of producing evidence which can be provided to your insurers to assist your case.