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GH Consultants Spring Quiz

Friday, April 1st, 2011

Our Special April 1st Quiz with a prize (small) to the first person with all the right answers


Question 1   Burke and Hare were

1 Process servers

2 Body snatchers

3 Accident investigators


Question 2    The official national language of India is

1 Hindi

2 Legalese

3 Punjabi


Question 3   To return to the Enterprise Captain Kirk had to say

1 A single to orbit please

2 Beam me up Scotty

3 Transport one captain and two bit part actors please


Question 4   In the First World War the enemy was called “The Hun”.  Where did the Huns come from?

1 Hungary

2 Germany (near Prussia)

3 Hungerford


Question 5    If you shout “Mush” to a Husky dog what are you telling it to do?

1 Run

2 Stop

3 Fetch my slippers


Question 6   The Christmas Carol “Silent Night” was first played on a guitar as something had happened in the church. What had happened?

1 The church organ had been damaged by mice

2 The organist had suffered a fall and broken his hand

3 Snow was blocking the organ pipes


Question 7   T.E.Lawrence, usually known as Lawrence of Arabia, having survived the war in the Middle East was killed in Dorset.  How?

1 Fell from a ladder

2 Car crash

3 Struck by lighting


Question 8   The machine used to re-start a human heart that has ceased to beat is called a

1 Defibrillator

2 Cardiometer

3 Ventriculator


Question 9   In the Sherlock Holmes books what sort of hat does he wear?

1 Top hat

2 Deerstalker

3 Bowler hat


Question 10  After the end of World War 2 many foods continued to be rationed.  When did fish and chips come off rationing?

1 1946

2 1951

3 1954


Once you have the right answers you can contact us here.  If you enter, don’t forget to also like this post on either the Geoden Agency Facebook Page or the Herdens Facebook Page to be entered in for a second chance to win!